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20 years o’ day-shift and they make you an associate*

Professor, that is. Doing Business As a Professor is a play on the degree (DBA: doctor of business administration) I am presently finishing.

I decided to make a mid-career and go in for a professor after being given the opportunity to teach a class as an adjunct shortly after earning my MBA. Four weeks into my first semester I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for, career-wise; I’d already got myself a family far better than I deserve. They might be better than anyone deserves; I’m a lucky fella.

Three years later I began my studies while continuing to work full time in industry (my institution is one of a very few that permit one to work full time while  pursuing a doctorate, and I am grateful for the opportunity, though my blood is by now curdled thoroughly). A few years after that I left industry, and have taught on adjunct and visiting appointments while working, in my deliberate fashion, on my dissertation (on interfirm collaboration in complex business-to-business markets).

I fell in love, so to speak, with the “game of business” in the course of getting my MBA, and ever since I’ve been interested in the “big picture” aspect of marketing: What makes an offering different from, and better than, any other alternative a particular (target) customer can find to fill a need or want?

There are many ways to “get there,” some of which are more appropriate than others. I’ll post about that from time to time, and offer observations about what’s going on in the world of marketing — I hope from the perspective of one with extensive experience both as a scholar/teacher and as a manager. Real Soon Now(tm) I’ll have some thoughts on what I’m seeing (and working on a paper) in distribution strategy of consumer products in certain industries.

*To the tune (such as it is) of “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

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